Undergraduate Application

Through our application,scholarship up to $10,000 is available!(Keep the GPA in four years,the scholarship will be kept for four years)

Undergraduate Pathway Applcation Requirements

Language Requirements:

  • One semester undergraduate pathway TOEFL 80/IELTS 6.5(or take the English test from school to prove the same level)
  • Two semesters undergraduate pathway TOEFL 65/IELTS6.0(or take the English test from school to prove the same level);
  • TOEFL 55/IELTS5.5(or take the English test from school to prove the same level),can take one semester academic English (Tuition:$6,000)before the pathway program

Application Deadline:2016 May: March 21st,2016 August July 1st

Undergraduate Pathway Areas:

Credits based on Undergraduate pathway programs:

UVM pathway11

Undergraduate Direct Entry Requirements

Direct Entry Requirements :(Through our application,scholarship up to $10,000 is available):

  • Application Fee $55
  • High school trascript and certificate of graduation(certificate of studying for grade 12th students);College transcripts and studying certificate are required for transfer students
  • Copy of passport
  • TOEFL 80/IELTS 6.5(See undergraduate pathway program if don't have standard test scores)
  • Proof of funds as required(apply for I-20)
  • SAT or ACT(not required for transfer applicants with more than 30 credits)
  • At least one recommendation letter;
  • Application deadline:Fall Jan 15th (Transfer inside United States April 15th);Spring deadline: November 1st.
  • Other majors' requirementsClick here to download pdf documents or contact us